Saturday, July 23, 2011

Getting This Blog Started

There are a few ways I have that I hope to get this blog moving.

1)  I will contact the PR offices of all the manufacturers worldwide (that I can track down) and ask them to send information, for now Press Releases and Contact Information.  As time goes by I hope to be able to get spreadsheets with each company's bearing specifications and applications.  The may very well go on spreadsheets that I will put up in the "Cloud", something I am interested in learning how to do very soon.  Putting certain information in the Cloud may work better than putting everything just here at these individual blog pages.  We will see.

2)  I will contact various contacts I have at the companies where our bearing company is a customer. Of course this will mean that some companies will get attention first,as they are more likely to send me information because they know me and/or our company.

3)  I will announce from time-to-time at my blog when there is information over here (my personal blog:, I may get some help from my readers there.

These are first steps, but at least something.  Momentum will eventually build as I make some progress.

If anyone by any chance finds their way to this blog already, please feel free to email me:

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